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Sydney Harbour Cruise on New Year’s Eve: Best Way to End the Year
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Make 2019 Christmas Unforgettable with Sydney Harbour Cruise on Christmas

Christmas Party Cruises in Sydney

Christmas is the time to leave behind your worries and anxieties and be grateful for the gifts you have got. This year, take your celebration to the next level with Sydney harbour cruise on Christmas day. Invite in your friends, family and loved ones and gather around the deck as you sail past the beautiful shoreline with wind in your hair.

At Fusion Cruises we know how precious your time spent with your loved ones is and we leave no stone unturned to keep hassles out of your way. Your Sydney harbour cruise on Christmas day will be a perfect memory with our whole range of service offerings on board.

We take care of your food and drinks so that all you do is enjoy and relax while your ship sails through the beautiful coastline.

What’s for Lunch?

Sydney harbour cruise on Christmas is special not just for the scenic delight. At Fusion Cruises we go the extra mile to stock up on the best gourmet lunch buffer for you to dig in. Christmas is incomplete without a sumptuous meal and there is no way we let you go hungry while onboard. We have a mouthwatering spread of seafood menu especially crafted to suit your taste buds. This delux cruise ride takes care of your appetite for all the good things. We pack in a meal studded by star items such as fresh cooked prawns to beef salad.

You have a host of options to pick from before you decide to step onboard your Sydney harbour cruise on Christmas this year.

What about the drinks?

Christmas is a time to be merry and Fusion Cruises offers you the perfect cocktail of your favorite assortment of drinks. You have neat packages to choose from to decide on your fill of beverages. Our ships come stocked with an assortment of drinks ranging from fresh juices to fine wine. This Sydney harbour cruise on Christmas will most certainly be memorable while you sip on your glass and relax on board.

Customize your Christmas Party

At Fusion Cruises we give you the luxury to customize your Christmas party to your liking. If you want to set sail with your corporate-family, we can customize your trip plan accordingly. Our Christmas decorations is designed to lift your spirits and your team’s spirit too. A host of options such as DJ, food buffet, unlimited beverages (on your chosen package) awaits your Sydney harbour cruise on Christmas day.

The special advantage of a corporate Christmas party on board is that we calculate costs on a per head basis and we are not judgmental about the number of members on board. Your team size can never be too large for our spacious decks and we will graciously accept bookings for small team sizes as well.

Short Notice!

If you want to make Christmas 2019 as memorable as it should be, we urge you to act fast and book your cruise with us today. Everybody is looking to jump onboard the Sydney harbour cruise on Christmas, be sure to book your journey with Fusion Cruise today!

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